Power of Three Conference Follow-Up Series

It’s still about the people: The Demographics piece in a Logistics Puzzle

With the rise of automation there is a lot of concern around disruption and job displacement. Indeed, automation is a game changer with far-reaching impacts. Industrial real estate—the logistics sector in particular—isn’t immune from rapid automation and the introduction of new technologies. However, the technology is only as good as the person developing and harnessing it. The labor component is still critical, and will become even more so amid growing sophistication in the logistics space. Beyond that, people will ultimately be influencing the future of logistics, the technology will just be the medium by which goods are moved from production to consumer. 

This report explores the human element of logistics. What are the demographic trends behind a growing demand for industrial real estate?  What does automation mean for the people working inside and outside the box? How is labor impacted by the introduction of robots, and how might employment evolve with automation in the future?