Total transactions (by value) in the Pacific region in H1 2017 continued to trend down from the record breaking 2015. Outbound investment in H1 2017 was a fraction of that seen in 2016 with Pacific investors choosing to remain at home due to the attractive returns domestically (relative to other regions). Inbound capital from Asia remains the predominant source of capital, accounting for 78% of cumulative foreign net capital flows since 2008.’


China is still the primary source of foreign inflow in the pacific region, accounting for 28% of inbound transactions in H1 2017. In the short term, capital flows from China are expected to slow due to the State Council and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) placing property in the ‘restricted’ category, which means that overseas acquisitions by Chinese companies will be subject to additional layers of scrutiny. More recently, Korea has emerged as a key source of foreign capital due to their preference for long WALE assets.